The Creator

Camilla D'Errico


Camilla is pop surrealist painter, illustrator, character creator and comic artist from Vancouver, Canada. Nominated for both Eisner and Joe Shuster awards, she has worked with Random House, Dark Horse, Image Comics and Tokyopop. Simon Pulse publishes her creator-owned graphic novel BURN, and Sky Pirates of Neo Terra is published by Image Comics. Camilla is best known for her stunning use of color and techniques with oil painting, as well as her unique West Meets East drawing style in comics. She has collaborated with Neil Gaiman, Sanrio, Disney and Mattel, and rumor has it she’ll be working with Grant Morrison and Vertigo in the near future. Helmetgirls are Camilla’s unique characters, which she began painting while still in college. She has created dozens of Helmetgirls both drawn and painted and they are usually in her black and white style, although the rare oil painting of a Helmetgirl does exist in some private collections. The Helmetgirls phenomenon has been growing like a grassroots movement, with fans creating their own Helmetgirls cosplay costumes, and retailers like Hot Topic jumping on the Helmetgirls bandwagon. Camilla’s dream, which is becoming a reality, is to publish a Helmetgirls graphic novel, start a Helmetgirls army and take over the world.