The Brand

The Brand

Helmetgirls are Camilla d’Errico’s most well-known and recognizable images. Gargantuan, pseudo-steampunk, biomechanical headgear naturally adorns the heads of strikingly beautiful, wide-eyed, and seemingly fragile girls. The helmets are not just decorative; they are a part of each girl, expressing her character, needs, and desires. Look deeper into their eyes; they have a story to tell and an immediate, intimate connection with the viewer.

Helmetgirls is an art fashion brand that emotionally connects with its audience, creating a meaningful, relatable brand experience. In an era of simplified art and over-commercialization of characters, Camilla’s hand drawn and traditionally painted images evoke the emotion and imagination of modern girls across the world that love original, inspiring, and emotive art.

Helmetgirls is the only art and lifestyle brand that fuses manga, steampunk and pop surrealist art into an original and meaningful style that appeals to girls and women alike.

Helmetgirls are powerful heroines for a new generation of young women.

Dare to wear the helmet.