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Want to see yourself on the fan wall? Do you cosplay as a Helmetgirl? Did you create fan art? Whatever has inspired you, we want to share it on our fan wall! Write to us at and tell us your name, where you’re from, and attach your image (or link to it). We can’t wait to see your Helmetgirls interpretation! <3

“I love the helmetgirls!! They all display so much emotion and each have their own distinctive feel. You pour so much detail into them, and the black and white keeps them feeling very delicate. I would love to see some more in colour, though, because the way you colour gives so much personality! All in all they are incredibly beautiful.”
Emmsie-Chan on DeviantArt

“I like very much helmet girls because i can see a fussion of surrealism and realism combined with fantasy art and manga style. I think your work is really great and the Helmetgirls are like a door that transport my mind to other worlds that have been hidden in the deeps of the abyss. When I see one of your helmet girls I imagine many things as one and that one like a part of an idea, a concept, a moment in the life, not only a girl with cute helmet machine.”
Ravencraft-NKFB on DeviantArt

“I love the style, the black and white, fine lines and intricate details. They also give me a kind of steampunk image without the punk (no dystopia). Sort of a post-steampunk image if that’s possible, very innocent, kind of naive. I think helmetgirls are very distinct. They’re somehow familiar but unlike anything else you’ve seen.”
Borisabaunza on DeviantArt

“Helmetgirls combine two things that we don’t normally associate with each other. On one hand your girls are innocent-looking and natural, but they’re put with metal machinery… and when they work together it just provides a really interesting feeling. I definitely like the black and whites, because they kind of provide a level field for the mechanics and the figure to word together…”
xWinterMoonx on DeviantArt